Friday, November 4, 2016

KNJ - Week 3: Journaling Styles

-Read pages 37-62

Optional Challenge:  "Setting Up a Nature Study" (pg 41)
Go on a nature expedition around your yard or neighborhood collecting seeds, leaves, seepods, fruits, wildflowers, feather pine needles and more! Add these with some of the things you collect during week 1.  At home make a lovely nature arrangement and photograph.

Upload to your gallery. In your comment, identify some of the things collected in your area.  If there is anything you are unsure of, maybe members of the group can identify them in their comments. *If you draw a collection of the nature objects that you have collected, that counts as a journal page assignment.

Create 2 or 3 Journal pages that reflect journal styles featured in KNJ.


                  Create a  page with small, daily journal passages highlighting what you
                  see and appreciate in your environment. Appreciating the Fits of Each Day (Pg. 59)

Here are videos and websites shared to supplement the info taught in KNJ.  You do not have to go through all of the links.  Just check out the ones of interest to you in the type of journaling that you would like to do for your assignment.

Field Journaling
Making, Maintaining, and Using Serious Field Notes

Travel Journaling 

Cathy JohnsonCathy Johnson: Mixed Media Travel Sketching
Cathy Johnson:  Travel Sketchbook

Irene's Nature & Travel Sketchbook

 Danny Gregory Dan Gregory:  Rome Sketchbook
Josiah HanchettJosiah Hanchett:  My Personal Travel Sketchbook
Leslie Herger Leslie Herger:  Recent Travel Journal
designoriginals123Susan McNeil:  Traveling With A Sketchbook

Involving Children

-Nature Study for toddlers and Preschoolers
(Has a cool paper bag journal, informative links and nature study printables) 

-DIY Watercolor travel set Altoids Case
(As a fun project for kids, create watercolor traveling kits using Altoid tins or a small Whitman's candy Sampler box.  Adhere small bottle caps inside of the tin to store reasonably priced watercolor paints from tubes.  I plan to try this the next time that I volunteer teaching a journaling class with homeschoolers!)

Journaling While Hiking

Christine CSketchbook Hiking:  McClaughrey 1 of 3
(Journaling on the premesis)
Sketchbook Hiking:  Spears Woods part 1 of 3
 (Taking photograph and journaling at home)

For more of Christine's nature journal artwork videos, visit here:  Let's Paint Nature

Meditative Journaling

Cathy JohnsonCathy Johnson:  Journaling, Contemplation, and Meditation


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