Sunday, November 6, 2016

(KNJ) Keeping a Natural Journal - Week 1: Workshop Preparations


Welcome to the Keeping a Nature Journal Workshop!
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This week is mainly reading, prep work, and getting accustomed to using the SmugMug gallery.  Please take the time out this week to work with the site.  I will be on the lookout so that I can help you with any problems or questions you may have.  I am also available for Skype chat, upon request, to give you a helping hand.  Will be more than happy!

Here are a few photo examples to help you with the assignment. (Upload results to your personal photo gallery.)

1)  Upload a photo(s) of your Nature Journal equipment
 2)  Collect nature walk goodies such as leaves, nuts, and twigs.

3)  Photograph or choose magazine and online pictures.  Pick one particular kind of animal in different poses such as various bird poses, bears, etc.  I will be working on bird poses.  Though, only a few are picture above, I will be adding a lot more to my collection.  The more you draw, the better you become.  The poster I picked up from B&N for Teachers Appreciation week.  Will use it in volunteer work of offering nature journaling to homeschoolers. The books pictured are supplemental to my study of the KNJ book.

The fourth assignment is to draw a nature wheel for the purpose of sketching and writing about observations from your chosen area or "sit spot" each week.  Were there any changes in the area or something new that you observed?

For my nature wheel, I used 12x12 scrapbook paper.  Dishes and bowls were used to create the circles.  Feel free to make your nature wheel any size that you like.
4)  Nature wheel
When I study a book, I like to know a lot about the author. If you feel the same, I would like to encourage you to meet Claire Walker Leslie, the wonderful author of "Keeping A Nature Journal", via her Youtube recordings.

Her loving and warm nature is refreshing, and I admire the passion that she has for what she does.  I had the opportunity to chat with her the past weekend by phone, and she is a remarkably giving person!!!  I learned so much from her, and the valuable advice she shared will stay close to heart as I continue my research.  I took a lot of notes while talking with her, and will soon be sharing it with participants of the workshop.  Hopefully I can read through my quickly written chicken scratch. *laughs!*

Be sure to visit her website!

Claire stated that she hopes all of you enjoy reading her book, and her desire for you is to "learn to see better" the nature that surrounds you.  She would like to keep in touch to learn how everyone is progressing.  The beautiful work that you share in the group gallery will be an outstanding testament.

Wish you lots of love and learning!


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